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UAZ launches a vehicle subscription service

Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant is announcing the launch of a long-term rental service of vehicles from its production line aimed at organisations and entrepreneurs.

Beneficial terms plus extreme ease of subscription the brand's new client service offer will allow small and medium sized businesses to acquire means of transport while significantly reducing maintenance costs. The UAZ Subscription service allows for the rental of the models UAZ Patriot, UAZ Pickup, UAZ Profi, UAZ Hunter, and UAZ Classic vehicles for a period from one to five years with no initial deposit.

Fixed monthly payments aggregate all attendant operating costs. The UAZ Subscription service removes the necessity of: paying road tax independently; carrying out scheduled and unplanned maintenance; acquiring statutory and voluntary civil liability insurance (VPTL with maximal cover increased to 1.5 million rubles); and fully comprehensive insurance with no excess and no limits on the number of permitted drivers. Clients are guaranteed roadside support 24/7 and vehicle recovery free-of-charge; other available add-ons include vehicle buy out, seasonal replacement, storage, and tire disposal. Ultimately, the only costs borne by the subscriber are operating expenses such as fuel and washing.

Furthermore, the UAZ Subscription service gives clients access to a remote vehicle monitoring system via a web portal and app. The program's functions allow for the geolocation of the vehicle and the optimisation of routes, remote monitoring of the vehicle's technical condition and fuel consumption rate, monitoring of driving style, and efficient reaction to unexpected incidents. In turn, this facilitates a significant reduction in the costs associated with running a vehicle fleet.

The monthly payment can be calculated on the web page and varies depending on the model selected, modifications, specs, the subscription period, and an estimated annual mileage provided by the client. The price is set down in the contract and remains fixed for the entire subscription period.

A comfortable interface and unambiguous algorithm make the process of subscribing as simple as possible. In order to avail of the service, clients must choose the vehicle they require by filling out a digital form, sending an application, and providing the necessary documentation after being contacted by a manager. Then, all that is left to do is sign a rental agreement, pay for the first month, and pick up the UAZ vehicle on an arranged day it will have been registered as agreed and ready to go.

Currently, the subscription service is available in 39 Russian cities. These are: Moscow; St. Petersburg; Ulyanovsk; Vladivostok; Novosibirsk; Nizhny Novgorod; Irkutsk; Krasnoyarsk; Tyumen; Samara; Kemerovo; Yekaterinburg; Nizhny Tagil; Kirov; Chelyabinsk; Vladimir; Perm; Barnaul; Voronezh; Vologda; Gorki; Rostov on Don; Izhevsk; Krasnodar; Ufa; Veliky Novgorod; Tolyatti; Stavropol; Tomsk; Ryazan; Saratov; Penza; Tambov; Omsk; Pyatigorsk; Orenburg; Yaroslavl; Volgograd; Kazan. The service is provided by Sollers Transport Solutions, a subsidiary of SOLLERS PJSC.

The service is currently available to organisations and sole traders. There are plans to make the service available to private individuals in the future also.