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ISUZU extends manufacturers auto warranty

The SOLLERS and ISUZU Motors Limited Joint Venture has announced a warranty extension for a unique truck for city deliveries, the ISUZU NLR85. Beginning September 1, 2009, the unprecedented manufacturers warranty for all versions of this automobile will be extended to 3 years, or 150,000 kilometers of use.

The SOLLERS-ISUZU joint venture made the decision on extending the warranty period on the basis of an analysis of the preferences of consumers, who expressed their opinions on the official site During the survey it was confirmed that the main criterion for purchase of a commercial vehicle is its price (starting at 799,000 rubles), and the second is reliability, which is confirmed by the length of manufacturers warranty.

3 years or 150,000 km is a unique warranty for the light vehicle market. As of today, none of direct competitors to the ISUZU NLR85 offers such a long warranty period. The vehicle, which is produced in Russia in the Alabuga Special Economic Zone under Japanese quality control, has the highest quality due to the state-of-the-art technologies used in its development and manufacture, as well as due to maximal adaptation for the Russian market.

ISUZU NLR85 in the lightest truck in the new-generation ISUZU 700 vehicle lineup (load-carrying capacity of the base chassis is up to 1545 kg.). Use of the most advanced design solutions and innovative digital technologies in its design have appreciably enhanced the comfort and safety of the driver. The cube-shaped cab has better aerodynamic characteristics in comparison to previous models. The expanded cab with doors that open 90 degrees is practically a spacious mobile office, where each component is made for the comfort for the driver and the passenger. A compact ISUZU NLR85A is convenient for maneuvering in dense city traffic with frequent parking and loading operations, as well as for suburban deliveries. The NLR85 high-strength universal frame enables placing board platforms and various types of vans on the vehicle.

Looking back, the SOLLERS and ISUZU Motors Limited companies signed an agreement on the creation of a joint venture in Russia in July 2007 for the purpose of manufacturing and selling ISUZU commercial machinery. As part of the agreement, in 2008 in the Alabuga Special Economic Zone a new enterprise was launched for producing Japanese trucks with a load-carrying capacity of 1.5 to 5 tons.

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