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New options added to the Ford Transit online showcase

The Ford Transit online showcase is expanding the number of available optionsnow on you can not only book the car you like, but also make preliminary estimates of the cost of related services, such as leasing, lending or CASCO insurance.

The online showcase is an indispensable tool for choosing a car in our time of rapidly developing Internet technologies. Ford showcase is an online car booking service which displays up-to-date information on the availability and cost of relevant cars in the company's official dealerships in Russia.

The online showcase consists of 4 sectionsone for each vehicle type in the Ford Transit product range: all-metal vans, passenger cars, chassis-based vehicles and special purpose vehicles.

Each section has a convenient filter allowing you to select the city where you plan to buy, vehicle modifications, its equipment level, engine and drive types, additional options, as well as the desired color. It is also possible to sort vehicles matching your criteria by their price. The program will calculate the cost of your chosen car, factoring in all relevant special offers, and will also allow you to apply them easily when booking the car. The option of car insurance has also been added.

You can book any car online, including both those available at dealerships at the moment and those currently on their way to the point of sale.

Ford Transit production is organised at the Sollers Ford plant in Elabuga using full cycle technology, which allows us to offer Russian buyers modern products, fully customised to the customer's needs, adapted to Russian conditions and at competitive prices. The basic line includes an all-metal van, bus, and chassis, and vehicles can be ordered with three base lengths, two roof heights and all types of drive, including all-wheel drive.  As things stand today, the range of special vehicles based on Ford Transit includes 145 different modifications of special and social purpose cars, and the lineup continues to expand.

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