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UAZ to start supplying an UAZ Profi family vehicle model with dual-tire wheels

The new 1.5-tonne ('Polutorka') UAZ LCV from Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant is designed for a wider scope of logistical tasks.

UAZ is proud to present a new version of a 1.5-tonne light commercial truck designed to meet current market demands and user needs. A sweeping modernisation has been performed to drastically improve the Profi range's consumer properties, turning it into a multipurpose professional vehicle for business needs. The model that once built a reputation on rough terrain is now ready to conquer the asphalt.

The modification, officially named 'Polutorka' (meaning a 1.5-tonne truck), is poised to replace the former two-wheel drive version of Profi in the brand's model lineup. Dozens of engineering innovations have improved the durability, safety, comfort, and driving performance of this UAZ LCV and expanded the range of possible structural modifications. The modification with single-tire rear axle wheels will remain the most effective variant for AWD vehicles.

The model's basic advantages, such as the unique for the Russian market conventional cab layout, a reliable and high-thrust 2.7 l (149.6 hp) ZMZ petrol engine, and a time-tested five-speed Dymos manual transmission, have all remained unchanged. Despite remaining within the Profi's former dimensions, 'Polutorka' boasts a 30 mm longer wheelbase (3,530 mm) and a 48 mm wider front gauge (1,648 mm). New suspension mounts, including stabilisers with struts and shock absorbers, are mounted on a frame made of two hard-welded U-shaped profiles, each 140 high and 3.5 mm thick.

Thanks to the increased bending deflection of the carriage springs and the 50 mm wider gauge, hull back sagging when loaded is reduced. This, together with coupled rear wheels with 195/75R16 tires, ensures a load-carrying capacity margin, improves the vehicle's stability, and reduces tilting at the turns and axle overload. Ventilated disc rear brakes, which 'Polutorka' is equipped with in its standard configuration, increase braking efficiency.

An upgraded front suspension with four longitudinal levers and a straight, stiffer Panhard rod has allowed us to minimise castor angle variations while the truck is in motion. Steering linkage with separate mounting of straight pull rods (with increased stiffness) and dampers improves steering sensitivity and steering wheel responsiveness. Altogether, these innovations have a positive effect on vehicle steerability and driving characteristics, giving Profi more of a passenger car feel.

Due to its structural specifics, the dual-tire wheel version will be available (in its standard configuration) only with a cargo compartment for five pallets (10.5 m3). A version with a 9.5 m3 cargo compartment designed to accommodate four Euro pallets will remain available for AWD Profi vehicles.

Also making its debut in the model lineup is a long-wheelbase 'Polutorka' modification. This vehicle is 7,050 mm long and its wheelbase is 4,180 mm. The difference between this version and a standard Profi with coupled rear wheels is its cargo compartment's larger area (8.65 m2, +36%) and larger volume (16 m3, +52%), allowing it to accommodate eight pallets. Side boards with a removable stand and the possibility of separate folding ensure accessibility to various areas of the compartment without dismantling the canvas cover.

The frame of the long-wheelbase modification is fundamentally different in terms of its original side bars located directly behind the cab, additional cross members, and an extension at the rear. The increased wheelbase allows plant installation (optionally) of a larger capacity gas cylinder (150 l).

The list of optional equipment available for all 'Polutorka' modifications includes an ergonomic driver's seat with improved side support, height, and lumbar support adjustment, heating, air conditioning with a cooled glove compartment, and windshield and passenger seat heating.

The basic configuration includes a driver's airbag, ninth generation ABS and EBD systems, steering wheel adjustment for reach and tilt angle, a double passenger sofa with armrest, central lock, immobiliser, electric windows, heated external mirrors, a platform base made of automotive-grade plywood, and rigging to fix the load.

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