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Sollers Transport Solutions and Ozon have started cooperation on a car rental program

Sollers Transport Solutions is to begin leasing Ford Transit cars to Ozon marketplace the contract envisions leasing 136 Ford Transit vans for a period of 48 months.

Sollers Transport Solutions will cover all expenses, except fuel and washing. The lease shall include 170,000 km of mileage, maintenance and repairs, tire service, fully comprehensive and third-party only insurance, fleet administration, and technical assistance on the road.

All Ford Transit vehicles are equipped with Connected Car technology, which transmits data from various vehicle systems directly to Sollers Transport Solutions. This information is available to clients in their personal profiles online.

The system allows us to track the mileage and technical condition of the vehicles.

The Connected Car solution makes it possible to build predictive analytics based on collected data, avoiding possible breakdowns and equipment failures.

This format of vehicle leasing not only significantly reduces our client's vehicle maintenance costs, but also allows us to digitalise the very process of vehicle operation. Connecting the leased vehicles to the platform allows diagnostics, service appointment and other necessary functions to be performed via the Sollers Transport Solutions platform, and interaction with service providers and the entire electronic document flow have been fully automated, commented Sergey Travkin, General Director of Sollers Transport Solutions.

The Connected Car technology can greatly simplify the operation of our vehicle fleet because most of the processes will be performed online. We are currently going through the system's testing phase. After testing is completed, we will consider the possibility of connecting the whole commercial Ozon vehicle fleet to the system, said Alexander Misnikov from Ozon's vehicle fleet operation department.

It should be noted that the deal was implemented as part of the Affordable Rent state program. The cost of the contract for Ozon was reduced thanks to a subsidised discount of up to 25% of the cost of the vehicles.

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Sollers Transport Solutions LLC is an operator of rental and subscription services for commercial vehicles, a subsidiary of SOLLERS PJSC (100%). The company offers comprehensive solutions providing cars for use for any desired period of time with a full range of included services to support operation. The company develops and offers affordable and flexible conditions of car usage by subscription for small, medium, and large businesses, adapting its rates and services to the needs of each customer.

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