Uliyanovsk Automobile Zavod (Plant) OJSC is the legendary automobile plant with 60 year background which specializes in manufacturing four-wheel drive light and commercial cargo vehicles including minivans under the UAZ brand name. The enterprise is manufacturing around 70,000 vehicles of more than 20 modifications annually. 20% of the vehicles are exported.

The plant comprises fifteen manufacturing facilities, two subsidiaries – UAZ OJSC and UAZ-Metallurgy LLP equipped with forging and casting facilities, as well as UAZ-Tech Instrument LLP which manufactures tools and accessories.

Since 2000 UAZ being managed by SOLLERS Company has significantly improved its financial and operational efficiency, increased earnings and profitability. Traditions and long experience in manufacturing four-wheel vehicles with the pass-ability highest in the world are combined nowadays with annual product innovations and applying the most contemporary approach to the production process arrangement. Along with the launching of new family of UAZ Patriot off-road vehicles, the Eisenmann robot-aided painting facility was constructed here. In addition, the main conveyer was upgraded and a new control testing shop was opened. In 2005 UAZ was certified as per the quality management system standard ISO 9001, and in 2006 – per the Russian GOST (State Standard) R ISO 9001.

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