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Cooperation of SOLLERS Company and Isuzu Motors Limited commenced in late 2005.

Decision on establishing the joint venture in Russia specialized in manufacturing and selling Isuzu commercial vehicles was taken by the companies in 2007. As a part of this agreement in early 2008 a new enterprise, Severtsalauto-ISUZU, specialized in manufacturing Japan cargo vehicles with cargo duty from 1.5 to 5 tons was established on the territory of Alabuga SEZ.

The first vehicle assembled in the new facility located in Alabuga SEZ was the cargo vehicle NQR75Р with cargo duty of 5 tons and engine meeting Euro-3 standard (new modification of NQR71Р cargo vehicle). The series manufacturing of the light commercial cargo vehicles NLR85 with cargo duty of 1.5 tons engraving the corporate style of the new generation cargo vehicles Isuzu under name 700Р was started in August 2008.

The heavy duty (up to 20 tons) Isuzu cargo vehicles of C and E series are also imported to the Russian market. The manufacturing of these models in Russia will be launched on the territory of Alabuga SEZ in 2009.

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